Traders Application

Trader Opportunities

We meticulously manage the selection of street food traders, curating a diverse food range and optimizing queue lengths for visitor convenience. Our goal is to foster an environment where traders coexist harmoniously, enabling substantial sales for each participant. Prospective street food vendors must deliver exceptional quality while efficiently managing high-volume settings, ensuring both quality and food safety are uncompromised.

Please read our T&C’s  and Provide as much detailed information in your application as possible in order to help us make our selection. Please note that submitting your application does not automatically guarantee you a place.

Your application will be assessed by the trading team and we will contact you directly to advise you if a pitch can be offered

Trader Application cut off date is Friday 29th March 2024.

 Important – Please note that if the festival is cancelled due to poor weather, health and safety issues or any other circumstance outside of the organisers’ control you will NOT be entitled to a refund of your traders’ pitch hire rental and any fees. BRW will however refund any fee paid for electricity charges. If a separate event is organised in lieu of the festival, traders will be offered a space free of charge on a first come first served basis. Traders accept that the festival is considered to be cancelled if the main Kings Park event is called off for any reason regardless of whether an alternate event takes place, and the festival has no obligation to provide you with a space at the alternative event.

Full payment must be received by 1st April with absolutely no exceptions. BACS payment must be in our account and cleared by this deadline. Traders who fail to meet this deadline will lose their confirmed place and will not be permitted to trade at the festival and will not have their 50% deposit refunded.

If you cannot afford to pay for your stall rental and fee in full and in advance then please do not apply to trade.

Due to the high volume of applications and limited space, the completion of an application form and deposit does not constitute acceptance to trade. We will contact you to inform you if your application has been successful or not via email by 1 week after application is received.

If your application is unsuccessful, we will return your 50% deposit in full.

It is imperative that you submit the accurate size of your stall (pitch size must include tow hitch and guy ropes, where applicable) on your application or we cannot accept your form.

If the size of your stall is larger than you stated in your application, you may not be able to trade at the festival and you will not be refunded your traders rental and fee.

All pitches are measured, marked, and allocated prior to your arrival and there is no option to change the size or position of your stall on arrival.

All traders must hold their own trader’s license, public liability insurance, product liability insurance, and employer’s liability insurance where appropriate.

All traders are also required to have carried out a full risk assessment of the potential hazards associated with their particular activity.

Copies of these documents must be submitted with your application form.

All meals should be presented using eco-friendly disposables crafted from sustainable materials like wood, paper/cardboard, or leaves. This practice extends to items such as straws and pizza trays, while pizza boxes are excluded. Our composting guidelines are stringent, and it’s essential to adhere to them; failure to comply with the use of approved disposables might impact your future participation as a trader. It’s worth noting that disposables labeled as compostable might not necessarily align with our criteria.

 The selling, serving or supplying of alcohol by traders is not permitted. Any traders found to be selling, serving or supplying alcohol will be removed from the festival site and will not receive a refund of their rental and fees.

Traders must only sell goods and services that are in the category to which they have applied. Traders who are found to be in violation of this policy will be either required to pay an additional rental fee or may be required to cease trading and leave the site, depending on circumstances.

All traders at BRW 2023 will be required to provide their own self-contained unit, tent, marquee, gazebo, or stall cover as BRW only rent the pitch to you. Please ensure it is a sturdy structure and will stand up to adverse weather conditions (it can be very windy in the park). Traders must also provide any equipment, tables, chairs, and lighting they may need. Please note that there will be access to non-potable water on-site. Traders will need to bring their own water containers, and trolley or means of transporting water to their stall from the standpipes on-site, which may be some distance.

Please supply any photos, drawings, plans, or other information to support your application.

 Any Trader who is rude, abusive, or conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner to any member of the BRW team will be asked to leave the site immediately and no refund will be given. 

For stallholders may can leave their stalls on site. We will have overnight security on site. However stallholders remain responsible for the protection of their own belongings throughout the event. The Organisers will NOT be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to a stallholder’s goods, stall, or vehicle(s).

Charitable collections on the site need to be approved by BRW Organisers.

Electricity must be ordered on your application form if required. The cost of the power you require should be factored into your 50% deposit.

 All trading enquiries should be directed to the Traders Manager by email at

All electrical equipment must be in good condition and correct storage procedures adhered to. You will need to supply your own fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

Traders must have current PAT certificates on hand at the festival ready for inspection by a Health & Safety Officer.

Gas-powered appliances and correct storage procedures must be adhered to and all relevant documentation and fire extinguishers must be available for inspection on-site by the Health and safety officer.

Traders are expected to keep their surrounding area clean throughout the duration of the festival and have black bin bags on their stalls. Bins ordered will be provided across the site and all food traders will have access to one 1500 ltr.

Traders are expected to fully comply with current Health & Safety and Environmental Health legislation and adhere to BCP’s Trading Standards. Stalls will be inspected during the weekend by EHO and any that fail to comply with relevant legislation may be shut down and will not be given a refund of fees.

Traders are required to cooperate with site managers, security, emergency services, and organizers of the festival.

There must be no movement of vehicles on-site once the festival has opened. If you need a refrigerated vehicle on-site you must notify the Traders Manager well in advance of the festival to determine any power/siting requirements and an appropriate charge will be levied. We will only allow one vehicle per trader to stay onsite, any additional vehicles must be parked offsite.

There will be no sub-letting of stalls under any circumstances. Any Trader found to be subletting will be closed down and will have to leave the festival site – no refunds of trader’s rental and fees will be offered.  If a trader who has not gone through the official application process and is found to be selling goods or services at the festival will be removed immediately.

If you wish to withdraw from trading at BRW after a successful application, 50% of traders’ rental fees, and power fees will be refunded if notice is given by 10th Mar 2024, after this date no rental and fees will be refunded.

Please note that this policy applies regardless of the reason for withdrawal.

At the end of the festival, you must ensure your pitch is left exactly as it was when you arrived – Clean and free of any waste!

Food waste is not to be emptied onto the grass! This must be taken away with you and any rubbish put into the bins provided or taken away.

In the past, we have been fined as a result of certain traders’ inconsiderate behavior which has subsequently led to us applying a fine of £250 for site clearance to any offending trader.

If you are happy with the information given and you agree to commit to trade for the whole weekend then please complete the following application form.

If you have not already done so, please read our General Terms and Conditions before completing this form. By submitting this application, you are agreeing to the festival’s Terms and Conditions.

  • ALL Mandatory documentation to be submitted with this form:
  • 50% deposit – BACS payment to Afro*disiac Live Radio
  • Photos of your stall
  • Public Liability Insurance – 5Million
  • ALL Supporting Docs Must be scans not photos or screenshots. Screenshots or photos will not be processed .

We request that all vendors, especially those selling food, keep prices reasonable. BRW is an event that is attended by many people from a variety of backgrounds. Caterers should try to arrange a special offer for people with families where possible.

All traders must have the facility to take card payments.

    Please attach below the required documents!

    File size limit:2 MB

    Allowed file types: doc*, pdf, jpg, jpeg, png