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Press - Photography Accreditation


  1. Only photographers/videographers who have been commissioned by BRW will be considered for accreditation. The commissioning party, email address, and phone number must be included on the accreditation application form and may be contacted by the Anyone wishing to film or otherwise acquire moving pictures by any means available now or in the future must outline their production plan/synopsis to the BRW before applying for accreditation. Accreditation is entirely at the discretion of the Festival and/or their nominee(s).
  2. Only accredited photographer(s)/videographer(s) are allowed. No assistants are permitted.
  3. Successful freelance applicants are required to provide a copy of all images taken at BRW on a memory stick or by file transfer at High Resolution (print quality) and without any watermarks to BRW no more than 4 weeks after the festival. BRWreserves the right to use all images royalty-free for its marketing purposes (photographer credited of course).
  4. Photographs/videos are NOT to be put into the public domain or sold without clearance from the Festival
  5. We will only credential photographers with SLR, detachable lens cameras. Point-and-shoot cameras will not be permitted in the stage pits.
  6. Pit access is strictly limited to a max of 2 photographer(s)/videographer (s) at any time and artists’ requests must be observed at all times. A press briefing must be attended on-site where conditions of individual artists will be advised.
  7. Flash photography is prohibited in the stage pits.
  8. All photographers/videographers must carry full Public Liability and Third Party Liability insurance and by accepting these conditions indemnify the owners and managers of the BRW against all costs claims and other expenses that they may incur from any third party.
  9. Accreditation numbers are limited and all applications will be decided by the Festival or their nominee(s). Previous accreditation is no guarantee of a repeat in the future.
  10. All accredited media must comply with the requests and instructions of the Festival and staff.
  11. Submission of the accreditation form confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  12. Any photographers/videographers in breach of these conditions will have their accreditation cancelled, be asked to leave the grounds and will not be accredited in future.
  13. The use of drones is forbidden at all times.
  14. Anyone without a proper press accreditation pass will not be allowed on the site. Submission of this Accreditation Form confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

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