Exciting Announcement: Christopher Ellis to Headline Bournemouth Reggae 2024

Bournemouth Reggae proudly unveils Christopher Ellis as one of the headlining acts for their anticipated 2024 event.

Meet Christopher Ellis: A Musical Legacy

Born on March 12, 1982, in South London, Christopher Lamour Ellis carries the illustrious lineage of the legendary King of Rock Steady, Alton Ellis OD, as his son. Christopher’s musical journey began at the age of 13 when he captivated audiences with his extraordinary voice at the Rock Steady Easter Gala in 1993, under the spotlight of London’s Hammersmith Palace, introduced by his father.

A Journey of Musical Inheritance

From that moment, Christopher became a regular presence alongside his father on global tours, gracing stages in Jamaica, the USA, Italy, Canada, and beyond. Christopher inherited not just the name but also the smooth, soulful vocals and songwriting prowess of his father, carrying forward the legacy.

The Rising Star’s Performances and Achievements

Christopher Ellis has continually enchanted audiences with renditions of his father’s classics and his own fresh and original compositions. Having performed at major events and festivals, he is set to headline at the Skamouth Festival in May and the Bournemouth Reggae Weekend in July 2024.

His presence on the Royal Albert Hall stage in March 2019, backed by the Outlook Orchestra, marked a significant moment. In the same year, the BBC selected him for their “BRING ON THE NOISES” online game project, where Christopher composed the captivating song “FAR.”

Musical Releases and Success

2019 saw the release of three new tracks, including “Still Go A Dance,” “Flame Against The Wind,” and “Play List (Healer rhythm).” In February 2021, Christopher dropped the modern reggae love song “Rub A Dub,” produced by Damian Marley for Ghetto Youths International, following the success of impactful records like “Still Go A Dance” and “Flame Against The Wind.”


Adding to his repertoire, Christopher’s latest track, “STICK TOGETHER,” produced and composed with Damian Marley @ Ghetto Youth, is gaining widespread airplay, further solidifying his position as a rising star in the reggae scene.

Stay tuned for a musical journey that transcends generations as Christopher Ellis takes center stage at Bournemouth Reggae 2024, promising an unforgettable experience for reggae enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

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