42 Years for Johnny Osbourne’s Fally Lover

Between 1980 and 1985, Johnny Osbourne had a prolific run in the recording studios. He had returned to Jamaica after a decade in Canada to record the iconic “Truth & Rights” for Studio One in late 1979, only to follow immediately with Folly Ranking for then Prince Jammy.
In the fall of 1980, producer Junjo Lawes released Fally Lover through both Greensleeves and VP’s Jah Guidance. The album fortified the singer’s status in the dancehalls with “Ice Cream Love,” which would become one of his most highly regarded tracks. On Never Stop Fighting, released in 1982, the singer found another gear with the anthemic title track as well as “In Your Eyes” and “Love Is Universal.” The core of his 1980s catalog would be completed by King Jammy with “Water Pumping” and the evergreen cut to “Sleng Teng,” “Mr. Budy Bye.

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